How Much Do You Know About the Liquid in Your Vape?

Whether you are a vaping beginner or are significantly further along on your vaping journey, you may not know very much about the e-liquid you are using in your vaping device. This article would like to change that by giving you some quality information about what it contains, the different types of e-liquid and their characteristics. As vaping is increasing in its popularity and is now well-established as a viable form of nicotine replacement therapy for those who wish to give up smoking cigarettes.

What’s In My E-Liquid?

Pre-mixed e-liquid, or vape juice, comprises four primary ingredients; these are as follows –

  • Propylene Glycol – known as PG, is a naturally occurring substance used in the food and medicine industries; it is a great carrier of flavour, and e-liquids with high PG content have a high level of taste.
  • Vegetable Glycerine – VG is a clear liquid sourced from plants like soy or coconuts; it is used in food and cosmetics. A thicker liquid than PG, it produces larger clouds of vapour when paired with the right vape device.
  • Food-based flavourings – used to give your vape its flavour, they are the common flavouring ingredients used today in thousands of different foodstuffs.

Disposable vapes use one of two different types of nicotine, which is the fourth and possibly most important element. Freebase nicotine was developed using a chemical process over 60 years ago by tobacco producers to enable the body to absorb nicotine more easily. A second and more modern type of nicotine becoming increasingly popular is nicotine salt or salt nic; more naturally occurring, it doesn’t use the harsh process freebase does. The outcome is a much smoother vape. Manufacturers of e-liquid are gradually moving from freebase to salt nic as vapers find the smoothness a quality that improves their vaping experience quite significantly.

Different E-Liquids for Specific Devices

Most vapers use a pre-mixed e-liquid with an even 50/50 PG, and VG split, this type of vaping liquid is an excellent all-rounder with great flavour and vapour production. Further e-liquid options are available to enable the vaper to vape in a specific manner by changing the PG/VG levels; their different qualities are enhanced in a certain direction. The two alternative types of vape juice are normally available from most vaping suppliers; they are –

  • 70/30 describes a vape juice with a higher VG content; the thicker liquid is designed for use in sub-ohm vape devices, and a super-smooth vape with enormous vapour clouds is the outcome.
  • 80/20 – this term is for an e-liquid with a higher ratio of PG; ideal for starter kits, vape pens and newer vapers, it delivers a vape with a superb flavour, and a more significant throat hit.

The throat hit is the term used to describe the sensation on the back of the throat similar to smoking cigarettes, and it is an essential element for the new vaper who has recently given up smoking.

Hopefully, with this new information, you can decide to take your vaping journey to new places and try these different e-liquids, an improvement to your vaping delights may be just around the corner.