How to use Prevail to boost your crop production

Crop production is an integral part of the way our society works, and this is for a range of reasons. However, there are ways of increasing your crop production and ensuring that your farm produces as much as possible with the land you have in place. Find out more about Pre-Vail and the science behind boosting crop production in your working fields.

Why is boosting crop production important?

Boosting crop production is an important role for any farms. Parts of the farming industry, particularly pertaining to crops, suffer from prices falling year on year as supermarkets compete for customers as often as possible. Boosting crop production is an essential part of generating as much revenue as feasibly possible, however, this comes from a focus on increasing productivity. Without supportive substances and goods, increasing productivity is incredibly difficult.

What Pre-Vail is and why it helps

Pre-Vail focuses on boosting the crop production of a specific crop, focusing on alfalfa and other related clovers. This means that higher yields are possible and the productivity of these crops significantly increases. There is a wealth of science behind the process, ensuring that you can trust the process to work as expected. Pre-Vail features high levels of rhizobium, a key focus of which is ensuring that the nitrogen fixation levels of the crop increase. This works closely in tandem with azospirillum bacteria, an organic biological plant growth promoter, ensuring that the crop yield is as high as possible.

How you use Pre-Vail on your crops

Pre-Vail is a flexible product, seeing use through a combination of both the build-up process and seeing use as a pre-inoculant in seed coating. You slowly screen seed to shake off any excess material, re-inoculate with Pre-Vail and then apply the right amount of Pre-Vail to the seed. Blending 8 grams of product for every kilogram of seed ensures the best possible performance. This balances nitrogen and oxygen saturation in the seed, ensuring that your yield is as high as feasibly possible. Furthermore, you can use Pre-Vail with the vast majority of fungicide seed treatments when applying Pre-Vail dry. A single pallet of Pre-Vail treats approximately 100 tonnes of seed, so you can ensure significantly yields from your investment.

Try Pre-Vail today

If you seek a solution for crop production issues on your property, try Pre-Vail today. Pre-Vail has a range of benefits for a range of crops, ensuring a higher level of profitability on your crop yields for the long term. From small properties to large agricultural companies, making full use of Pre-Vail is a key part of maximising seed yields and giving your organisation the best possible chance at harvest time.